Version: 4.12  |  Release Date: 8th February 2019

A quick & easy way to calculate nutritional information labels for your recipes.

This is a low cost utility that meets your nutrition information panel requirements.
Nutrient-Panel+ utilises four regional nutrient databases, you select which one best meets your requirements;
1. Food and Nutrient Database for Nutrition Labelling from Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).
2. Canadian Nutrient File (CNF).
3. USDA National Nutrient Database (SR24).
4. UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) Nutrient Databank (CoF IDS).

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Report country of origin % and allergens for recipes.
Re-visit your saved recipes any time to print more labels in any quantity required. Adjust Final Weight or enter a Weight Change % to factor in the cooking process. Add your own custom ingredients to recipes.
Use Windows snipping tool to grab nutrients image.
Need customised labels -contact us with details.
Printout a variety of ENERGY and CALORIE labels. Export your data to Excel and Word to format your own customised labels.

See demo movie below

Currently used in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Turkey & United States

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Homebush Bay Foods
"I would like to thank Russ for the work he has put into Nutrient Panel+.
I find the program easy to use. Once you have put in your custom ingredients you can create a nutrient panel in no time. When I have issues I find that they are sorted immediately by email and any changes that need to be made are actioned straight away. The product is robust and flexible I highly recommend its use."

Jeremy, Homebush Bay Foods - Sydney, Australia