Version: 23.09.01  |  Release Date: 1st September 2023
Price-Cracker Suite+

If you don't measure you can't manage.

Price-Cracker+ and Nutrient-Panel+ in one package. Cost your recipes and create nutrient information labels.


Has the change in cost of an ingredient turned one of your recipes into a loss leader without your knowledge?
The question 'am I charging the right amount for my product?' is now answered with ease. Price-Cracker+ is a quick, easy and accurate way to record changing costs of ingredients for measuring against your current sale prices, highlighting your recipe's profitability.

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A quick & easy way to calculate nutritional information labels for your recipes. This is a low cost utility that meets your nutrition information panel requirements.
Price-Cracker Suite+ utilises four regional nutrient databases, you select which one best meets your requirements;
1. Food and Nutrient Database for Nutrition Labeling from Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).
2. Canadian Nutrient File (CNF).
3. USDA National Nutrient Database (SR24).
4. UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) Nutrient Databank (CoF IDS).

Do you have concerns of time and hassle transferring existing recipes and materials to Price-Cracker Suite+?
Many of our customers have benefited by having us doing this for them.

CLICK HERE to see our latest label format with vitamins, fibre, iron + more.

Report country of origin % and allergens for recipes.
Re-visit your saved recipes any time to print more labels in any quantity required. Adjust Final Weight or enter a Weight Change % to factor in the cooking process. Add your own custom ingredients to recipes. Printout a variety of ENERGY and CALORIE labels.

Currently used in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, United Kingdom & United States.

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Fidels Cafe, Ernesto Cafe and Havana Bar
"PRICE-CRACKER truly helps your business be profitable. It is easy to use, and the amazing technical support Russ provides is personable, helpful and clear. I am so glad we found it! Thanks so much."
Lizzy, Fidels Cafe, Ernesto Cafe and Havana Bar - Wellington, New Zealand
Italy 1 Holdings Pty. Ltd
"Excellent solution! I would like to congratulate you on your prompt responses and eagerness to meet the customers’ needs. Well done."
Andrew, Italy 1 Holdings Pty. Ltd. - Melbourne, Australia
Ali’s Celebration Cakes
"PRICE-CRACKER is fabulous as it allows easy costing of products so we can give best value to our customers. I love the responsiveness too – ask and a change is made to increase functionality."
Alison, Ali’s Celebration Cakes - Auckland, New Zealand
The Cook Cafe & Bar
"Thanks for PRICE-CRACKER. It is a simple, easy to follow and accurate tool to help us effectively manage our business. It has become the cornerstone of how we assess our food cost and profitability."
Chris, The Cook Cafe & Bar - Hamilton, New Zealand
St.Andrews Bakery
"Ever wondered if you’re getting the right price for your product, PRICE-CRACKER helped me find out. What an easy program to use; after entering my stocks it was just a matter of entering my recipes and margin’s. Have fun and don’t undersell yourself."
Mark, St Andrews Bakery - Hamilton, New Zealand
Sweet Obsession Cakes & Pastries
"With ingredients going up in price so rapidly we get a lot of use of your program."
Lorne, Sweet Obsession Cakes & Pastries - Canada
Waikane Hot Bread & Patisserie
"Fantastic, one of the best investments we ever made."
David, Waikane Hot Bread & Patisserie - Waikane, New Zealand
Brasserie Moustache
"This is a really great program that non-computer literates like me can make work."
Gerald, Brasserie Moustache, Keyneton - Australia
Bodalla Bakery
"Yes it is a cracker, we love it."
Sharan, Bodalla Bakery, Bodalla - Australia
Governors Café
"Once more can I say what a brilliant programme you have produced."
Tim, Governors Café - Dunedin, New Zealand
Albert's Greek Kitchen
"Great job with the software, it's been an excellent costing tool for us."
Albert, Albert's Greek Kitchen - Auckland, New Zealand
Mashino Expresso
"Great tool."
Chris, Mashino Expresso - Christchurch, New Zealand
Fig Tree Café
"Fantastic, one of the best investments we ever made."
Christine, Fig Tree Café - Wellington, New Zealand
ELM Cuisine
"Love the product!"
Emily, ELM Cuisine - Christchurch, New Zealand