Your Business, Your Software

Release Date: 1st January 2000
Your Business, Your Software

IT Desktop Solutions is a software development company which provides the very best custom made software to our clients to suit their individual requirements. We provide relevant and efficient business solutions by using the latest developments in information technology and are proud to have worked with some outstanding companies. Our primary focus is the development of custom software for unique business situations, providing necessary integrated management tools. If you can imagine it we can make it happen. Where no 'off the shelf' product exists we can provide a tailored solution, or if you have an 'off the shelf' product we can integrate to it.

Custom Software Solutions

Your business is unique. Your processes and procedures are important. Custom software will ensure your business remains productive and efficient as you grow. Management tools will ensure you get the right information when you need it.
Custom software vastly improves the value of your business. Now and in the future your software will work for you and will grow with you as your business evolves.
If you are considering whether or not you are ready to improve your systems take our self-assessment. This tool will help guide you toward your decision and give you some tips along the way.

Do you need a Custom Software Solution?

These useful questions will help you establish whether custom software is the best solution for your business. After all, there's no point in spending more than you really need to. The fact that you are here at all indicates that you probably need something. Finding out what that ‘something’ is can sometimes be daunting and often it is difficult to know even where to start.
At some stage almost every business will need some sort of software to assist with daily operations and management. For some businesses there is industry specific software already available which will perfectly fit requirements. However, often this is not the case.
A custom software solution does not need to be a huge system, it can be small and provide just the functionality required, or it can be larger and allow for future business growth encompassing every function, process and output required by your business.
What is important, is that you get exactly what you want and not a whole lot of system that you just don’t need.

Does your current system (if any) help you to manage your business effectively, and give you all the information you need?

You have specific needs that you have identified that only apply to your business. It is important to know what you want and in the long term you will benefit from superior business management systems.
Consider this...
Do you want to continue using your current system exactly as it is without any additional functionality?
Can your employees easily use the system independently without you there?

Is there an ‘off the shelf’ software package that will work for you?

It is always worth checking out what is already on the market. No point in reinventing the wheel when you could save a lot of time and expense by simply purchasing ‘off the shelf’.
Ways to find out
Contact your industry’s association as they often have recommendations.
Contact some of your industry colleagues and find out what they use. You will probably find some use industry specific software and some use home-made Access or Excel systems. Some may already have a custom system in place.
You can search the internet – but be careful if you choose an overseas product that the support is valid for New Zealand. If it is take into account the time difference and cost of contacting support.
Remember: your business may be unique and have processes not likely to be used by many (if any) other businesses. If this is the case then ‘off the shelf’ software may not exist since the market for such unique software would be small.

Are you expecting growth in any of the following in the next 12 months?

• Productivity
• Staff numbers
• Turnover
• Product lines

Do you want to increase the value of your business?

Having a system that makes running your business easy and supplies all the information needed will make your business more attractive to possible future lenders, investors or purchasers.
Do you want to exit your business in the next 5 years?
There are two main ways to exit a business – either to sell it or to move yourself out of the day to day running of the business (by putting in a manager or franchising/licensing your process).
If you are planning to sell your business, software that can run your processes will increase the sale value of your business. The new owner will be buying a business which is being run using a proven business process and that virtually runs itself. This also means that you don’t have to have a lengthy handover period.
On the other hand if you want to kick back and let the business make money for you, then with good software you can relax knowing that your business processes are being followed without you having to be there all the time.

Are there only a small number of people who can use the system you currently have?

This means that if one or more of those people was unexpectedly unable to be at work for a few weeks, or left the company, your business would suffer.

Are you missing out on information which would help you know what is going on in your business without you having to be there all the time?

These are some examples of information you might be missing out on:
Sales Figures per Sales Rep/Month/Client
Which Client spends the most money
Which Client is the most profitable
Which products are making you money and which are losing
Employee Productivity
How many hours are staff working
How productive are staff
Which staff member is most profitable
Run sheets
Check lists for off-site
Packing slips
Equipment registers

Self-Assessment Complete...

Do you need a Custom Software Solution?

To get the most out of a custom software solution you need to know what you want. Usually in a single meeting we can start to outline your business process and create an initial specification.
What do I need to think about?
If you don't want to think too much you can CONTACT US NOW.
Consider what your business does (do you sell a product or your expertise and time).
Consider what your current business processes are (from first Client contact to Invoicing and Follow Up).
Consider what you need to know to run your business properly (reporting and statistics).
So now what?
If you need help with outlining your business processes we can provide consultancy services. Sometimes a fresh perspective can shed light on business process issues.
You can come to us with a specification already drafted or you can come to us with nothing at all. With our experience we can work together to ensure your custom software will work for your business now and in the future. CONTACT US NOW