Version: 1.01  |  Release Date: 5th January 2019

Food Costing Overview

Be ahead of the game with our recipe costing, country of origin percentages, nutrient information, allergen lists and product specifications software.
Our software has been involved with the food industry for 15+ years utilising the input of numerous food industry professionals.

1. Recipe Costing, allergens and country of origin percentages
Price-Cracker+ is a component in Price-Cracker Suite+. A quick, easy and accurate way to record changing costs of ingredients for measuring against your current sale prices, highlighting your recipe's profitability.
'One touch' technology updates and re-calculates all recipes with ingredient cost adjustments.
You can even use a recipe, such as a sauce, as an ingredient in other recipes. Build your recipes using imperial or metric weights.
You can easily boost profit in your restaurant/bakery with our easy to use software.

What Price-Cracker+ software can do for you...
1. establish the true cost of your recipes.
2. highlight your 10 most profitable and 10 least profitable recipes.
3. nutrient panels calculations.
4. country of origin percentage calculations.
5. allergen flags.
6. calculate margins.
7. calculate menus.
8. inventory reporting.

CLICK HERE to view a YouTube movie of Price-Cracker Suite+ costing a recipe and creating nutrient labels.
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2. Nutritional Labels
Nutrient-Panel+ is a component in Price-Cracker Suite+.
Show your clientele you care about their health and food choices by providing nutritional information.
No matter your location Nutrient-Panel+ meets your nutrition information label requirements.

Nutrient-Panel+ has four regional nutrition data sources for your selection;
* Canadian Nutrient File (CNF)
* Food and Nutrient Database for Nutrition Labeling from FSANZ
* USDA National Nutrient Database (SR24)
* UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) Nutrient Databank (CoF IDS)

Nutrient-Panel+ has labels for USDA, Canadian (bilingual), UK and FSANZ formats, or export your data and format your own customised labels.
Re-visit your saved recipes any time to print more labels in any quantity required.
Potassium food labeling to meet Canadian authority requirements.
Require custom labels developed - we can do this for you.
CLICK HERE to view a selection of nutrient label formats available.
CLICK HERE to view a YouTube movie of Nutrient-Panel+ add a recipe and create labels.

3. Product Specifications
ProductSpec+ is a framework for food product specifications and packaging labels for your products.
A product specification sheet documents all of the attributes and information regarding the finished products of your food business.
The document is very important in communicating your finished product attributes with your customer and your own food handlers and production personnel.
This software provides the framework to correlate all required information regarding your products into the product specification sheet.

General content of the product specification template includes...
Description, Nutrition Information, Allergens Statement, Ingredient Listing, Regulatory Criteria, Country of Origin, Quality Criteria, Serving Size, Food Safety Criteria, Processing Agents, Intended Use and Directions, Packaging , Child and Parent GTIN (Barcoded), Shelf Life, Storage and Handling Conditions, Recipe image...

ProductSpec+ comes with a set of templates for the product specification sheet plus inner and outer labels for packaging.
ProductSpec+ is an add-on to Price-Cracker Suite+ software.
The templates may not meet all your requirements - we can customise reports for your company's sole usage.
CLICK HERE to see a ProductSpec+ template samples.
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