Why develop a custom software solution?

Business Requirements

Software solutions have multiple requirements specific to individual business workflows. While these requirements will not be met wholly by shrink-wrapped off the shelf software, we are able to customise a solution to your needs.

Cost Effectiveness

Any change in business practice represents a cost, and any cost must be justified by a corresponding benefit. The benefits of a technology solution are measured by its Return on Investment (ROI). This is a measure of the amount of money generated by a solution as compared to the amount of money spent on that solution. Increased sales, reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction are all part of ROI.

The need for training, support and maintenance reduces ROI. We can increase your ROI by ensuring the proposed solution is easy to use and does not require constant maintenance. Following established user-interfaces means familiarity for users, reducing training and allowing maintenance from a single, central location. In a perfect world, every software solution would be fast, secure, dependable, easy to use, and utterly bug free. In the real world, time and budget constraints may make it impossible to produce the perfect solution. We understand this and will develop a solution that best fits your circumstances and your budget.