System Requirements


Our current software is compatible with:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

Microsoft Office 2003+ (Word & Excel)
Microsoft Office Access 2013 32-Bit
(Download FREE MS Access 2013 Runtime 32-Bit from this website)

Anything for the Mac yet?
Our products are developed using Microsoft Access 2007 or later. Microsoft, in their wisdom, does not include Access in Office for MAC, Access only exists in Windows format. Why Microsoft exclude this powerful tool from Mac usage is a mystery to me.

Possible work around - vmware fusion...
Get the best of both worlds and have access to your Windows programs and all your files from your old PC directly on your Mac, whenever you need them.
VMware Fusion 5

Recommended for home users who are looking for the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to run Windows programs on a Mac.

Windows Surface

Research shows that there are two versions of Windows Surface.
The lighter weight arm version (RT) will not support MS Access.
The Pro edition of the tablet will allow you to install Access or even the MS Access runtime.
So our software can be installed on the Pro edition of Windows Surface.


Our software products are ONLY for PC, and will not function on a Mac. We use Microsoft Access 2007 or later. Access does not have a Mac version. This may even be the case with Virtual PC and MS office installed.

Microsoft Access 2007 or later requires a Windows XP or later.

PLEASE DO NOT ORDER our software unless you have a PC available to use the software on. We will not refund your payment based on the claim of not having a PC with the minimum requirements as mentioned clearly on various parts of this website.

The FREE runtime version of Microsoft Access 2007 can be downloaded from this website.

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