HACCP Reporting - Recipe Costing - Nutrient Labels
Purchase Orders - Product Specification Documents
SOH v Sales Production Run Planning
Distribution Packaging Slips + Labels
Extracting MYOB & Xero Data and Writing Orders...

Price-Cracker Suite+

One touch control of your recipes

Price-Cracker Suite+ software has been exhibited at the Baker’s Association of Australia Industry Trade Show.
It is a software solution to meet food manufacturing requirements featuring HACCP reporting, recipe costing, nutrient labels, allergens, country of origin %, purchase orders and much more.


A Framework For Product Specification Documents and Production Run Labelling

If you are a wholesale food manufacturer then product specification documents will be a requirement for your business.
Communicating your finished product’s attributes with customers, your own food handlers and production personnel.
ProductSpec+ software provides the framework to correlate all required information and comes with a set of templates for the document plus inner and outer labels for production run packaging.


EDMS+(Extracts Distribution Management System)

Orders received = production planning. Extract live data from MYOB and Xero. Get more out of your food manufacturing processes with time-saving tools and real-time actionable data from this end to end enterprise resource planning software for your Food production solution.

Production run packing labels for packing slips and distribution runs.